Dr Jeff Cottingham


My name is Jeff Cottingham, and I am a 1996 graduate of the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

I am happily married to Sarah and we have two awesome boys Keegan & Kelton.

My chiropractic experience began as a young, premature, sick child. My mother was constantly taking me to the pediatrician for antibiotics but eventually got fed up with the endless cycle. My aunt told my mom that she should take me to the chiropractor to have my spine checked. Like most parents, my mother thought “why would I take an infant child to the chiropractor – he doesn’t have a back problem”. My aunt explained that the brain has to talk to the body by sending messages through the spinal cord and nerves and that when a bone in the back misaligns, it can create interference to the normal communication process causing you to “get sick”.

WELL – I received my first adjustment at 18 months old, and within months was completely off all medications and healthier than ever before. I went through the tenth grade without ever missing a day of school because I was “sick”.

I learned at a young age that health comes from within, not from a bottle or shot, and decided that I wanted to be a chiropractor and teach poeple about the amazing healing capabilities of the body! I have previously practiced in Prescott & Scottsdale, AZ but have enjoyed serving the Chandler/Tempe/Ahwatukee community since 1999.

Today, as an amateur tri-athlete my body takes a pounding during training & race days, so I still get adjusted at least 1-3x per week to allow my body to function at it’s optimal potential, recover faster and keep me on top of my game.

I look forward to meeting you and becoming your Chiropractor!

COTTINGHAM CHIROPRACTIC is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited Business


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