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Chandler, AZ Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Cottingham, Helps Residents Relieve Low Back Pain Safely

June 18, 2010

Chandler, AZ 06/17 – Cottingham Chiropractic is happy to announce about working with residents in finding relief for low back pains. This Chandler chiropractor helps individuals and alleviates low back pain in a safe and natural way. Most cases of chronic back pains are due to subluxation. This happens when a vertebrae in the spine […]

Considering Chandler, AZ Athletic Injury Safety Strategies

June 18, 2010

Those who are often involved in athletics have the tendency to feel very sore or uncomfortable long after they have participated in their activities. This is generally due to the amount of strain put on the body during the activity itself. In some cases the individual may have gained an injury during their athletic experience. […]

Chandler, AZ Residents With Low Back Pain Find Fast Relief

June 18, 2010

Maybe a Chandler chiropractor is not the first person you think of when dealing with sciatica for example, since society is so used to accessible pain medications. Some might argue, however, that since the state of your spine impacts nervous system health, he might be just the person to help you. Look on-line today and […]